…this word so beautifully describes how I feel after attending a 3Keys Model Workshop, followed by actively and honestly participating in intensive sessions, and now continuing to apply the tools and skills I began learning as a result. I knew that the 3Keys Model was going to be effective for me after beginning to read about it and do some of the exercises on my own before the workshop. But I had no idea how powerful and life changing the inner healing work would be. I had great hope and expectations that they would be transformative but they far exceeded my expectations in the most wonderful ways.

Grateful seems a woefully inadequate word to describe my thanks for where my life is now as a result. For the first time in my life I can honestly say that I love myself and that alone changed everything. My life had largely felt like a battle inside my own head. Battle is actually far too gentle a word. It was an ongoing and exhausting war within myself that I didn’t understand at all that left me weary and incredibly frustrated. Learning about the 3Keys Model not only helped me understand why I was at war with myself but also gave me tools to learn how to work through issues that had tormented me for decades.

As a result of the workshop and the following inner healing work, I feel like a veil was literally lifted for me. Seeing myself for who I truly am, and loving that soul has changed how I respond to most everything in my life. Relationships have and are continuing to change. I am able to stand up for myself in healthy ways and set boundaries for the first time. It is very rare that the voice of criticism which used to rule me night and day even voices itself now. On the occasions when it does rear its head now, I recognize it almost immediately and can honestly say that I have befriended it – it holds no power over me any longer. If you had lived inside my head over the past 40 years, you would understand how incredible that is for me.

If you think that you are being led to participate in a workshop or an intensive, I would most lovingly encourage you to honor that feeling and follow it. It is both the hardest and the most beautiful thing I have ever done for myself. I truly feel like my life has just begun. – Liza

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