Putting together the pieces

Putting together the Pieces:

Making Sense of My Life

Who of us hasn’t at times asked ourselves, “Why do I never seem to get around to doing what I most want to do?” or, “How did I get myself into this mess again! I promised myself I’d stop!” After forty plus years of seeking answers through various therapies, spiritual practices, a degree in psychology, sociology and eventually a Master of Divinity degree, Tamera Helms found her answers through the Three Keys Model for Personality Typing and Healing work.

“I had put some of the pieces of my life together along the way,” Tamera shared.  ”When I began working in this model, however, it was as if I had discovered the box top to the jigsaw puzzle of my life. It made sense of all the separate sections I had already pieced together as well as some pieces I thought would never fit.  I also discovered some pieces I could stop trying to MAKE fit. These were parts of myself that were not a part of who I am, they really didn’t belong in my life!”

It was through both going through the personality typing work and doing the Inner Healing and Empowerment Work, that she was able to free herself of her automatic Defense System reactions to her life and begin to live as her True Self. The previous inner work she had done had brought some insight but hadn’t made sense of the whole picture of herself and allowed her to really make the changes needed to live into the insights she had.

 “I find that those of us pursuing healing and wholeness in our lives are often our own worst critic. One of my favorite things about doing this work,” Tamera explained, “is discovering there is a really good reason for the destructive patterns that have always dogged me. If there’s one message I’m continually giving myself as well as others it is to be compassionate and gentle with ourselves.”

“The self-awareness I gained through the 3Keys work provided a map for the journey home to my True Self.  The self-awareness and inner healing also gave me an accelerated start down that path to authentic, fulfilled living. The insights gained through the model and the inner work is still essential in identifying the next steps I need to take.  It’s not that my life is now a “picture of perfection”—not at all! Some days are still a challenge and I find myself triggered once again into my Defenses. But, now, I have the awareness and tools I need to discern more and more clearly what is and is not healthy to have in my life in terms of everything from relationships, to spiritual practice to the work I do.  The picture of who I am continues to unfold and evolve in exciting and beautiful ways, feeling more and more like a picture of my True Nature, returning to the Land of My Soul.”

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