3KEYS INTERNATIONAL ASSOCIATION  –  CODE OF ETHICS                                                                                                 

Part One: Ethical Conduct

Committed to a high ethical standard, the 3Keys International Association developed a Code of Ethics.  The purpose of the code is to promote ethical and professional 3Keys practices and to raise awareness outside the 3Keys International Association of the integrity, commitment and ethical conduct of its members.
A forum has been created where individuals can bring concerns or complaints about alleged breaches of the Code of Ethics by a member.
The 3Keys International Association provides for review, investigation and response to alleged unethical practices or behaviors deviating from the established 3Keys International Association Code of Ethics.  To affect this policy, the 3Keys International Association has implemented an Ethical Conduct Review Process which is intended to:
  • Serve as a model of excellence for fair review of complaints concerning the ethical conduct of its members.
  • Be responsive to complaints concerning experiences believed to be breaches to the Code of Ethics by its members.

Part Two:  3Keys Standards of Ethical Conduct

As a 3Keys Practitioner

Section 1:  Professional Conduct

  1. I will, at all times, strive to recognize personal issues that may impair, conflict or interfere with my professional performance or my professional relationships with clients or colleagues.  Whenever the facts and circumstances indicate the need, I will promptly seek professional assistance from a 3Keys Practitioner and determine the action to be taken, including whether it is appropriate to suspend my Practitioner relationship/s or to refer a client out.
  2. Should I become a trainer of student trainees, I will clarify and stress with students the need for continual monitoring and work on one’s own issues.
  3. I will not knowingly make any public statement that is untrue or misleading about what I offer as a 3Keys Practitioner or make false claims in any written documents relating to the 3Keys process, my credentials or the 3Keys International Association.
  4. I will accurately identify my 3Keys Practitioner qualifications, expertise, experience, certifications and 3Keys credentials.
  5. I will recognize and honor the efforts and contributions of others and not misrepresent them as my own.  I understand that violating this standard may leave me subject to legal remedy by a third party.
  6. I will conduct myself in accordance with the 3Keys Code of Ethics in training, mentoring and supervisory activities.
  7. I will conduct and report any research I do with competence, honesty and within recognized scientific standards and applicable subject guidelines.  Any research I do will be carried out with the necessary consent and approval of any clients involved and with an approach that will protect participants from any potential harm.  I will have the utmost respect for client confidentiality.  All research efforts will be performed in a manner that complies with all the applicable laws of the country in which the research is conducted.
  8. I will maintain, store, and dispose of any client records created during the course of my 3Keys practice in a manner that promotes and respects confidentiality, security and privacy, and complies with any applicable laws and agreements.
  9. I will use 3Keys International Association member contact information, including names, email addresses, telephone numbers, etc., only in the manner and to the extent authorized by the 3Keys International Association

Section 2:  Conflicts of Interests

  1. I will seek to avoid potential conflicts of interest, conflicts of interest and dual relationships.  I will avoid working with clients who are related, either biologically or through marriage, or who are close friends.  I will remove myself when such a situation warrants.
  2. I will only barter for services, goods or other non-monetary remuneration when such will not impair my relationship with the client.
  3. I will not knowingly take any personal, professional or monetary advantage of, or benefit from, the Practitioner-client relationship, except by a form of compensation agreed upon in the intake agreement or contract.

Section 3:  Professional Conduct with Clients

  1. I will provide a safe environment for the 3Keys process.  I will diligently avoid judgment, confrontation, shaming, criticism and/or advice.  I will strive to be supportive, encouraging and totally accepting with unconditional positive regard.  I will provide an environment where no topic or feeling would be perceived by the client as off-limits.
  2. I will follow the 3Keys Model as the professional standard of my work with clients.
  3. I will avoid using terms indicating “mental illness” unless necessary for insurance purposes.
  4. I will not knowingly mislead or make false claims about what my client will receive from the 3Keys process or from me as the Practitioner.
  5. I will not give my clients or prospective clients information I know or believe to be misleading or false.
  6. I will carefully explain and strive to ensure that, prior to or at the initial meeting, my client understands the nature of the 3Keys process, our work together, the nature and the limits of confidentiality, financial arrangements and any other terms of agreement.
  7. I will be responsible for setting clear, appropriate and culturally sensitive boundaries that govern any physical contact I may have with my clients.
  8. I will not become emotionally and/or sexually intimate with any of my current clients.  I understand that the Practitioner-client relationship is one-way and fiduciary.
  9. I will respect the client’s right to terminate the relationship at any point during the process.  I will be alert to indications that the client is no longer benefiting from our professional relationship.
  10. I will encourage the client to make a change if I believe the client would be better served by another 3Keys Practitioner.
  11. I will suggest my client seek the services of other professionals when deemed necessary or appropriate such as, and most especially, an addiction specialist.

Section 4:  Confidentiality/Privacy

  1. I will maintain the strictest levels of confidentiality with all client information.  I understand that a client’s right to complete confidentiality is essential to providing a safe environment to do personal healing work.  I commit to maintaining complete and strict confidentiality regarding the specifics of any client interaction.
  2. I understand that even the knowledge that I have seen the client is in itself confidential.
  3. I understand that clients may sign a waiver allowing a mentor to have access to information about my client’s case.  I will require my client to sign a waiver before allowing any confidential information to be released to any third party, unless required by law.
  4. Should I become a trainer of student trainees, I will clarify and stress the confidentiality policies with students.

Part Three: Pledge of Accountability

As a 3Keys Practitioner, I acknowledge and agree to honor my ethical and legal obligations to my clients, colleagues and to the public at large.  I pledge to comply with the 3Keys Code of Ethics and to practice these standards with those with whom I interact.
If I breach this Pledge of Ethics or any part of the 3Keys Code of Ethics, I agree that the 3Keys International Association, in its sole discretion, may hold me accountable for so doing.  I further agree that accountability to the 3Keys International Association for any breach may include sanctions, such as loss of my 3Keys membership and/or my
3Keys credentials.  If, at any time and for any reason, I choose to discontinue adhering to the 3Keys model, I will voluntarily relinquish my 3Keys membership and/or credentials.
I assert that I am in compliance with the licensing or credentialing laws of my legal jurisdiction of residence.