How we work

What is 3Keys work about? 
Illustr-13Keys work combines an affective, or right brain, approach, cognitive analysis techniques and action-setting. We believe that this combination is highly effective because it not only helps our clients become aware of and discuss the patterns they wish to be free of but also, crucially, drills right down to the core beliefs informing these patterns, and enables clients to reprogram them.
At least 90% of who we are and what we do is controlled by the subconscious. 3Keys work focuses on this realm. The affective, or right brain, approach explores beliefs, ideas and emotional response patterns located deep within the subconscious, which override conscious control and rational thinking. Affective work does not advise or fix. Instead, we facilitate a client’s exploration of subconscious material, empowering them to make any changes they themselves consider necessary.
So how does the model work?
We believe that often when someone is under stress or in emotional pain, they are not really themselves; instead, they are operating out of a subconscious, irrational defense system. In the 3Keys model, we profile this part of personality using the Enneagram typing tool. Our first task, then, is to get around the defense system part of personality and learn who they really are, so we know who we can expect to emerge during the course of our work together. For this, we use the Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI®), which gives us an excellent description of a client’s True Self and also allows us to clearly see whether the client is making good, rational decisions congruent with their True Self Type. Using these typing tools helps clients differentiate between these two parts of their personality, and empowers them to begin trusting their own innate inner strengths, learning to operate out of those.
How do we help clients achieve deep change so effectively?
book-art6By exploring all the subconscious issues that cause the irrational Enneagram defense to be in place, we help to disengage the early programming. This then allows the client to operate out of the MBTI – or True Self – part of personality, with full access to all their commensurate gifts, talents and wisdom.
In order to achieve this, we employ a variety of right-brain tools and techniques (such as imagery, music, art and non-dominant hand writing) to access information that is out of consciousness.
drawing little person colorThis process is immensely empowering as it allows the client to take the lead in discovering how to consistently make good, rational decisions for themselves, and to continue operating from their strongest, most powerful self.
 The unique nature of our process also means that we empower our clients to use the tools of the process themselves once the formal work with their practitioner is over. This makes our model a sustainable one that clients can use on an ongoing basis to do what is right for themselves, to keep grounded and to live authentically without needing to depend on their practitioner once the formal aspect is completed.
Is 3Keys right for you?  What results can you expect?
goddessThis process is beneficial for everyone who wants to create sustainable changes and live a better life. You will finally be able to free yourself from harmful behaviors and thoughts. As you begin to realize your hidden potential, you will find yourself living a life filled with vitality, purpose, inner freedom, intimacy and authenticity.
The 3 Keys process is life-changing. While it is very, very hard work, we have yet to meet someone who didn’t think it was totally worth it. So if you’re willing to take the road less travelled and change your life, do get in touch with our practitioners.