May 25 - 26 and June 1 - 2  2018

A unique opportunity

to see US therapist, author and keynote speaker

Pat Wyman

speak in The Netherlands.

Location: La Place - Dreefzicht, Fonteinlaan 1, Haarlem, Netherlands

When: May 25th - 26th & June 1st - 2nd 2018
Start 10:00 am - End 05:00 pm
The workshops Pat will be facilitating are:

1. A Masterclass: Three Keys to Self-Understanding

Are you interested in learning about the strong influence of subconscious programming on our behaviour?  Please join us for a Masterclass with Pat Wyman, who will address the difference between your strong, resourceful Core Self and your Defense System (what we do when we are stressed, uncomfortable, scared, etc.)   She then shows how to know which one is running your life (or that of your client) in any moment and how to shift back when you are triggered.  This event will take place in Haarlem on May 25/26 2018 - see  for more information on program outline, pricing, early bird etc.   - to learn more about this work click here.


email Mirjam van Roon at

or contact her on +31 6 18178740

Investment: € 495 (excl. VAT); this includes coffee, tea, snacks and all materials.  Payment is due upon registration and is non-refundable after May 5th. In case you are unable to attend you may substitute another person at no extra charge.
Private payees: There will be a limited number of spaces for private individuals (who are not funded by an employer or their own company) at a discounted cost of € 250 (incl VAT). Please note these are first come, first serve.

2. An Experiential Workshop: 3Keys - The Work

For graduates of the introductory workshop, the Masterclass,  there will be an advanced, experiential workshop on June 1/2 2018, also in Haarlem.  Here Pat leads participants through the deep emotional work necessary to address old patterns and programming.  Due to the depth of this work we limit the number of participants to 12;  more info on for more information on program outline, early bird and pricing.

Please join us for the most effective personal work ever!!
For more info or to register contact:
Mirjam van Roon PhD MCC
Cobalt Coaching & Training
Zandvoorter Allee 45
2106 BV Heemstede
Office +31 23 5477547
Mobile +31 618178740